Rotarys miljöpolicy


Det finns en miljöpolicy från september 2020 som antagits av Rotary International. Läs den gärna – den skapar tydlighet kring vad miljöprojektet ska syfta till. De skriver även vad miljöprojekten inte ska syfta till:

”The Rotary Foundation considers the following stand-alone activities to be outside the scope of the area of focus and not eligible for global grant funding:

  1. Community beautification projects
  2. Single-event training or education sessions
  3. Single-event river, beach, or habitat clean-ups
  4. Tree plantings that are not part of a larger ecological framework and strategy
    holistic project design that aims to achieve specific and measurable positive environmental impacts
  5. Nature therapy
  6. Food distribution programs
  7. Outdoor recreational activities
  8. Projects that involve only building infrastructure, purchasing equipment, or training in how to use that equipment”